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Karoko's Famous Seafood Rice Bowls
Our No.1 "Special Seafood Don" with fresh salmon caviar.
Special Seafood Don Set  

Special Seafood Don Set
2,300 yen

Rice Bowl only  2,180 yen

Our ever-popular menu "Special Seafood Don" is a signature of Karoko.

Seafood Don Set 1,650 yen
A la carte 1,530 yen
Uni (Sea urchin) Don Set 3,380 yen
A la carte 3,260 yen
Ikura (Fresh Salmon caviar) Don Set 
3,280 yen
A la carte 3,160 yen
Consumption Tax is included
Ika (Squid) Don Set 2,420 yen
A la carte 2,290 yen
Seafood Scattered Don Set 
1,850 yen
A la carte 1,720 yen
Tuna Don Set 2,520 yen
A la carte 2,400 yen
  Uni&Ikura (Sea urchin & Salmon caviar) Don Set 3,330 yen
A la carte 3,210 yen
※ Sets include amuse, side dish, and miso soup. Other than shown here, your favorite special order is available also.

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